Ideas for Decorating Your New Garden Shed

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Did you just purchase a new garden shed or have you been thinking about redoing an older one? Regardless of what you want to accomplish with your extra space, you will get tons of inspiration and creative ideas on how to decorate your garden shed from this article. If you are not quite sure yet about what you want to do, don’t worry, we will make deciding a lot easier.

Continue reading to get ideas for decorating your Garden Shed.

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Setting up a garden shed is actually easier than it looks at first. The secret is in executing the plan step by step. First up, you should decide on the theme or purpose of your garden shed, then you can align your decoration choices with it. You need to know what you are going to be using the extra space for and that will make the rest less complicated.

Don’t worry, we are here to walk you through some different options for garden sheds, that will make the decision-making over decorations and interior design less stressful. Here are some of the options on how you can use your garden shed:

Home Office

A home office is a perfect solution for anyone who has to work from home and are in need of their own space for better focus. It’s a great way to separate work life from home life.

Dining Room

A separate dining room is an excellent solution for bigger dinner parties at home. If you are planning to host an event, having your own garden shed for that creates plenty of space for everyone. It also reduces the stress that might come with preparations and cleaning.

Entertainment Area

An entertainment area is the perfect solution for those who have big families and friends visiting often. Change your garden shed into a fun and enjoyable place where you can spend quality time with your favorite people. An evening with a glass of wine or playing pool – there are many options.

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Art Studio

An art studio separate from home – this is a great option for an artist or someone whose hobby is painting. Your own specific space where your creative ideas can flow.

Guest Bedroom

By turning the garden shed into a guest bedroom, visits from family and friends can turn into a more pleasant and stress-free experience. Accommodating others in your home is often difficult, especially if there is not enough space. A spare bedroom gives everyone privacy, so that the stay can be enjoyable.

Reading Corner

Is it difficult to find a quiet place in your house where you can enjoy reading books in peace? Our garden shed is an ideal solution for this kind of problem. Turn it into a reading corner and spend hours reading your favorite books there.

Children’s Playroom

Parents know how messy children can make the house when they are playing. The Garden shed is perfect for this solution. A place where you can play endlessly and the mess from the game does not disturb anyone.

A Room For Plants

If you love plants, taking care of them and everything else related to it, then a separate room is a very nice place to spend time in for this hobby. For this choose the kind of garden shed, that has big windows, so the room has plenty of natural light for your plants.

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Place To Relax

If you love to spend a lot of time outdoors, even to just sit and relax there – then the garden shed is just for you. With comfortable furniture and entertainment options, it is a place where you can spend a pleasant time in the fresh air alone, or with friends.


Turn your garden shed into a sanctuary, where you can enjoy the peace and take time to relax. Everyday activities can sometimes be stressful, so it is mandatory to have a place where you can wind down and turn yourself off from the business life for a moment.

Multifunctional Room

Who said your garden shed has to be just one certain thing? This is your personal room, so change and design it just for your wishes and needs. If you want tricks and ideas on how to do it, continue reading for inspiration.

Man/Woman Cave

We all need a room just for ourselves. A garden shed can successfully be changed into a man’s or a woman’s paradise! The only limit is your imagination.


If the sauna is something that offers you relaxation, then you should definitely consider purchasing a garden shed with a built-in sauna. This way, you can use the sauna as a home spa experience and the front room of the sauna for a chill area.

Outdoor Kitchen

Is homemade cooking a regular occurrence in your home? If so, then bring your kitchen to another level. Change your garden shed into an outdoor kitchen. This way it is easier to enjoy dinner or grilling with the family in the fresh air.

A Home Gym

For gym lovers a garden shed is a great way to change it into a home gym. Work out in the comfort of your own home.

Decide which kind of interior design you would like

The above decision affects the decoration of your new garden shed. This part is here to provide inspiration. So let’s start decorating!

A home office and studio

Furnishing a home office is quite easy. For work, you mainly need a good desk and chair. With these essentials in place, it is time to start adding personality. Add a bookshelf with your favorite books or for supplying work things. Some other personalized details are, for instance, family photos, some decorations or indoor plants that make the atmosphere cozier. If you would like to, you can even add rugs. The choices are unlimited. Create an atmosphere that keeps you motivated to work. If you change your garden shed into a studio, you can add shelves to store equipment.

Entertainment room

Planning an entertainment room is perfect for a relaxed sitting and game area. The games could be a pool table, table tennis or just a regular couch with a table where you can play cards. Add shelves, where you can store board games. To customize the area add plants, rugs or decorative pillows and the end result will be amazing!

Spending time in your garden shed or outside you need to focus on practicality. Add outdoor furniture that fits with your home design and is easy to use. Decorate the space with personalized details- a wine fridge, paintings, plants, photos or statues. Let your imagination flow!

Guest bedroom

A bedroom needs basic furniture items- a bed, nightstand and a wardrobe. Add some personalized details, such as paintings or rugs to give the room character and coziness.

A reading corner or sanctuary

As a book lover you can change your garden shed into a personal library. All you need is a bookshelf, something comfortable to sit or lay on, pillows and a coffee table to create a nice and comfortable atmosphere. Maybe you wish to add a soft rug as well. Definitely contribute to getting quality lights in there, especially if you tend to use the book corner during the darker time of the day.

Children’s playroom

The children’s playroom walls can be decorated with boards, which you can draw on. You can also add floor pillows, a soft rug, boxes for toys, and shelves with their favorite books and art supplies. Consider what your children like and change the room into their new favorite place in the house.

A room for plants

To maintain and grow the plants you need to equip the room with shelves and tables, where you can store them. You can also add cabinets with drawers, where you can hide all the necessary means to maintain the plants. Accessorize the room with rugs, a couch and a coffee table so it can also just be a nice relaxation and chill area.

Did you just purchase a new garden shed or have you been thinking about redoing an older one? Regardless of what you… Continue reading Ideas for Decorating Your New Garden Shed


A multifunctional room

When furnishing this room you should base it on neutrality and multifunctional furniture essentials. Add shelves and a couch bed so you can change the room with ease and speed for different needs.



Furnish the sauna’s front room with comfortable chairs and couches. Add a table and shelves, where you can store towels and other necessary things for the sauna. Give the room personality with your favorite details.


Outdoor kitchen

For the outdoor kitchen, you will need a working surface, cabinets and maybe even a fridge and freezer. Choose the items that make cooking into an easy and fun experience. Give the garden shed personality with rugs, pictures and plants.

A Home Gym

In the home gym it would be good to have means and gym equipment that you would need during the training. Add mirrors to the walls to check on your posture during exercises. Add a fridge with water bottles, a basket with yoga mats and bigger plants to give the room personality.

When furnishing your house, focus on your own wishes and needs. Create an atmosphere that is nice and personalized. Let your creativity flow and have fun decorating!

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