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Tiny Houses

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Tiny Houses

Margit 70

20.2 x 28.4 ft
Garden LoungesTiny Houses

Klara 44

13.6 x 37.8 ft
Tiny Houses

Kirsten 44

15 x 21.5 ft
Garden LoungesTiny Houses

Beata 44A

16.5 x 32.3 ft
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Tiny Houses

Harriet 44

18.3 x 14 ft
Tiny Houses

Edith 44

26.5 x 19 ft
Tiny Houses

Dagmar 44

13.8 x 26.2 ft
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Helena 70

26 x 21.4 ft
Modern ShedsTiny Houses

Rita 44

12.8 x 19.9 ft
Tiny Houses

Sigrid 70

22.8 x 24 ft
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Lotta 44B

14.9 x 14.9 ft
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Christina 70 Premium

18.8 x 36.1 ft
Modern ShedsTiny Houses

Anna 70

22.9 x 23 ft

Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses in Florida and the Southeast

These days, more people are making the shift from living large to living smaller. Tiny houses are becoming the go-to choice for those who are wanting to take on that change. It’s no wonder these homes have become so beloved – they provide healthier, eco-friendly living options with minimal compromise and lower costs.


Decluttering your home and cutting down on your bills can mean big rewards for those who choose to invest in a tiny house. These houses also work well as an added extra space for your home. A tiny house can be used as a vacation home, guest house, or entertainment area.


Are you tired of spending too much time cleaning and maintaining your home? Tiny homes offer a great solution. A tiny home is significantly smaller than an average house in the U.S., meaning less space to take care of. Resulting in more time for everything else and lower costs of cleaning supplies. 


ECO-friendly living with a wooden tiny house

Tiny houses are an eco-friendly way to go – not only do they need less energy and resources to build than the average home, but their construction also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that when one ton of concrete is produced, a corresponding ton of CO2 will enter our atmosphere – making tiny houses a much better option for reducing our global footprint.

To ensure the highest standards of comfort and a great price for a tiny house, where you can be sure that no shortcuts on quality have been taken. Nordic Sheds’ tiny houses are built by craftsmen with decades of experience and from only high-quality spruce and pine sourced from Nordic regions. 


Energy-efficient tiny house

A tiny house is energy-efficient all year round – with the correct insulation in place, a tiny house can reduce your reliance on the air conditioning or heating throughout all four seasons. A properly sealed structure will also ensure you get up to 15-20% more savings on energy than other types of buildings.

Tiny houses are unique in that they don’t need a complex heating system to stay warm during the winter months. The timber itself is naturally thermo-insulated, so if it has been appropriately processed and dried before installation – you’re all set for cozy warmth all year round.

Log walls are a great choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to keep your home cozy and comfortable. The logs used typically range from 7-11cm in diameter, creating superior insulation that works like doubling the thickness of a brick wall. Not only do log walls trap heat well but they also provide fast warmth when needed. Plus, their wood composition stores energy, so it can be radiated back into the building as desired.

Nordic Sheds brings you high-quality wooden tiny houses in Florida

Did you know that natural light has a bigger impact on your living environment than you may think? We have taken this into account with our tiny houses and added large windows to let in as much sunshine as possible. Research shows that enough lighting boosts happiness levels and energy while lack of it can lead to depression. 

We have chosen spruce for our building material for a reason. It’s slow-growing and adapts well to different weather conditions. Spruce offers its own delightful scent. This type of wood also helps with moisture balance – helping to make sure that indoor air stays at just the right level of humidity. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative.

The best thing about logs? Not only do they look great, but the antibacterial surface on their surfaces helps keep your home’s air fresh and clean.

If you are ready to invest in a tiny house then you have found the right place! Nordic Sheds can also take care of the whole installation process for you. Get in touch with us and let’s get your tiny house project started!

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