Shed Anti-rot Warranty


5 Year Warranty


Nordic Sheds knows how important it is to provide the best quality products – that’s why we offer you an anti-rot warranty of up to 5 years! This will ensure your garden building stands strong and looks just as great as it did when first purchased. Double-check the materials provided with each product for specific details on its individual length of coverage.


We craft sustainably and to the highest quality standards in our timber-building construction. Our slow-growing Nordic spruce and pine are labeled with a CE mark, so you can trust that it’s up to standards! Our partners are certified by FSC – plus, our processes meet ISO 9001 & 14001 guidelines; ensuring minimal mistakes while we work efficiently.


Our products are designed to stand the test of time – with proper maintenance and care, they’ll be around for many years!


Terms And Conditions For Warranty


Get peace of mind with our anti-rot warranty on your garden shed! Just remember that this particular warranty won’t be covering any:


  • Damage caused by inadequate treatment of the wooden details.
  • Damage caused by transportation or assembly
  • Damage caused by not following the assembly instructions (carrying out the installation on an insufficient or wet foundation, etc)


To ensure our products are always looking their best, keep them in tip-top condition with regular maintenance! Follow the specific instructions provided, and use paint or oil on your product for a long-lasting warranty.


Make sure you keep up with the maintenance instructions in your construction manual to ensure that your thermally-treated wood or pre-painted products don’t start to rot and invalidate their warranty!


Got questions? Don’t worry – our team has got you covered. Check out the Terms & Conditions or get in touch with customer support for any queries!


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