Base and foundation options for wooden buildings

Choose from a variety of base and foundation options to build your dream garden shed. 


When it comes to building a timber structure, you have an array of choices for your base or foundation. Of course, the most solid and dependable choice is a concrete slab foundation- however, there are several other possibilities that could be suitable depending on what materials you use.

Making sure your foundation is level and stable isn’t just important for the initial build, it also ensures that your building can stand strong against shifting soils or moisture – ensuring all wooden components stay safe.

Not laying a solid foundation could mean serious problems down the line—from wonky walls to door and window issues. And worst of all, your structure might be doomed to premature rotting or permanent damage!


Want to create a foundation that’s strong and sturdy?

Try out our timber post foundations with ground screws or adjustable riser pedestals.

Protect your wooden building from the ground up with a tried-and-true timber foundation. Its strong preserving treatment adds an extra layer of security, so you can rest assured that it’ll last for years to come!

If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, adjustable riser pedestals or ground screws are great solutions! A professional installation can ensure that no matter what terrain you have, these sturdy and reliable options won’t let you down.


Concrete Slab Foundation

Concrete slabs are great for giving your outdoor structure a solid base, whether it’s a simple garden shed or an ambitious two-storey log house. Solid and reliable, the concrete slab is definitely the way to go when you need something durable!

When it comes to foundation choice, there are definitely trade-offs. While concrete may cost more and require extra labor initially, its’ quality and stability offer lasting benefits that cheaper options can’t match!

If you want a strong foundation for your wooden building, get in touch with us! We’ll lay the groundwork to ensure that it’s built on a solid surface – our concrete slab foundations are expertly completed by professionals and will guarantee that whatever is constructed upon them stands tall. Get an estimate today!


Concrete Strip Foundation

Looking for a budget-friendly option when it comes to foundations? Concrete strips are an excellent solution – not only can they easily be installed on level surfaces, but with the possibility of relocation down the line too. So you don’t have to commit just yet!

Creating a successful strip foundation can be tricky – if there are any sloped or uneven surfaces, the heights of each strip could vary and create an unstable base. Let the experts take care of it – they have experience with making sure these foundations are levelled out correctly for your building’s solid foundation!


Paving Slabs

Want to build something sturdy and reliable? Look no further than a base made of paving slabs – an easy way to make sure the foundation is strong. It could be especially useful for garages and carports: your paved driveway can easily extend into these additional structures, making them much easier (and less of a headache) to create!

With the right foundation, laying paving stones is an excellent way to create a strong base for garden sheds and houses that you might want to grow down the road. Plus, your outdoor space will look colorful and stylish!

Do you want the perfect foundation for your garden building, summer house, log cabin or garage? Our experienced customer service team are here to help – just select a foundation construction option when ordering and they will provide all the information & advice needed. Plus get in touch if you need an exact quote!

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