Keep your garden shed looking natural and inviting for years to come! By following our maintenance guidelines, you’ll protect the longevity of your construction project, as well as keep our warranty valid.


Proper Treatment

Looking to keep your newly-installed cabin in top shape? To extend its lifespan and benefit from the warranty, make sure you give it a second coat of preservative as soon as possible! All wood surfaces – inside walls, outer walls, floorboards etc. – need regular maintenance every 5 years. Failure to do so might invalidate your warranty coverage. By following these steps you will ensure that’s never an issue.

To ensure a polished finish, the exterior of your home should only be treated in dry weather. Avoid applying paint or preservative when it’s damp outside and you’ll have an impeccable result!

Storm Braces

Stay safe and secure with our storm braces! After erecting your wall, insert one of these trusty metal rods through the entire thing. Top it off by firmly affixing a washer and nut from above – make sure all is held together tightly. We recommend doing this regularly so you can be prepared at any time – every two months during the first year then not less than once every four after that!

When a nut is stuck due to rust, use a wrench to give it some added force; but be sure not to overtighten it.


Allowing The Wood To Settle

When it comes to wall construction, logs should never be connected using screws or any other form of fixing. The unique tongue-and-groove milled log design preserves the structure’s integrity while allowing for insulation and drywalling. Remember to use floating lathes that provide a 7cm tolerance so your walls can move as needed due to temperature fluctuations!

Nature provides us with an endless array of beautiful elements, and when it comes to construction materials, wood is one of the most popular choices. But don’t be alarmed if you notice cracks or knots in your wooden pieces – these unique features occur naturally! Rest assured that they will not affect the product’s performance.

If you’re planning your cabin without any heating system or insulation, remember that those floorboards may not stay tight. Regular adjustments could become necessary if gaps appear!


Doors And Windows

Our products come with high-quality doors and windows built to last, but a few models don’t include rubber seals – meaning they’re not as weatherproof. In the event of extreme conditions, these could suffer some leakage.

Protect yourself and your home against water damage, drafts or even bugs! By simply installing silicone or rubber seals behind the architraves of any doors & windows that don’t currently have them, you’re taking a step towards ensuring long-term safety. This is part of basic maintenance.

Our products come with added rubber seals on doors and windows. You can trust that your home is snugly sealed, no extra effort necessary!


Adjusting The Doors And Windows

Keep your doors and windows in tip-top shape! Wood frames tend to settle over time, making them tricky when you go to open or close them. Adjusting these components ensures they’ll continue functioning as expected!

Installing your product may give you the impression that door and window openings are bigger than necessary – but this allows room for settling in. For the first two years, we suggest avoiding any attempts to fill those gaps with expanding foam or other insulation materials. 


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