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Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Barbara 44B

11.8 x 15.7 ft
5 Year Warranty

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Filippa 44

13 x 24.6 ft
Office ShedsStorage Sheds

Bridget 44

13.1 x 13.1 ft
Office ShedsSaleStorage Sheds

Kaia 44A

6.6 x 14.8 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Brigitta 44

7.5 x 12.5 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Maria 34

11.1 x 17 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Rebekka 44A

12.6 x 12.6 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Barbara 44A

10.8 x 13.6 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Kaisa 44

11.2 x 20.2 ft
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Karen 44A

9.2 x 18.3 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Helsinki 70

12.5 x 22.3 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Brita 44

9.8 x 14.8 ft
Modern ShedsOffice Sheds

Reyna 44

11.8 x 11.8 ft
Modern ShedsOffice ShedsSale

Stockholm 44

9.8 x 9.8 ft
Modern ShedsOffice ShedsSale

Stockholm 28

9.8 x 9.8 ft
Modern ShedsOffice ShedsSale

Henrietta Premium 44Q

15.9 x 26.2 ft

Office Sheds

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, but sometimes it’s hard to find a space where you can stay focused and be efficiently productive. Stylish and practical office sheds offer an opportunity for not just a balance between work and life – they give them all the possibilities to set up a dream office right in your backyard.

Office sheds are a great way to forget about long commutes and getting stuck in traffic jams; now you can make use of your outdoor areas and free up so much of your time that could be put into good use. Give it a go and see how it changes your life today!

Work from home in an office shed in Florida

Office sheds are quickly becoming the reflexive choice for home-based entrepreneurs and work-from-home professionals. Unlike more traditional working spaces, office sheds allow you to work in an environment of freedom, comfort, and creativity with minimal disturbance.

Shed structures also come with high Nordic quality wooden durability that can last for years; so much so that it can even be transformed into other private spaces like a guest room, teenage den, workshop or annexe when the need arises. Get the most out of your workspace with a wooden office shed.

Our high-quality studio office sheds will provide you with a personal space, which you can set up in a way that suits best for your needs and expectations. Garden offices are a great way to escape all the daily hustles while still being close to your main home – and unlock the best versions of your productivity!

Increase productivity in your office shed

Operating out of an office shed might just be the perfect solution for those who thrive in remote settings. Garden office sheds blend reliability, privacy and convenience for the ultimate home-based workspace. Whether you are an employee working from home or a business owner, having your own private garden office allows you to work with little distraction and even allows you more freedom to implement creative ideas into your everyday workflow.

Office sheds offer the perfect balance of isolation and accessibility while providing comfortable and inspirational zones where creativity can truly flourish!

Skip the daily traffic with an office shed in Florida


Don’t waste time, energy and money on the daily commute. Take those precious hours back and make your morning routine stress-free. Working from home is not only more comfortable and convenient, but it also comes with financial benefits. Investing in a backyard office shed can pay for itself over time thanks to newfound savings on costly morning coffees and pricey lunchbox snacks.


Transform your beautiful Florida backyard into a modern office. Step inside this personalized workspace to get fully focused on work, then leave it all behind when you’re done for the day. Separating home from work and using your time as efficiently as possible, will benefit the quality of your life a lot. Enjoy ultimate productivity (and tranquility) in your own backyard!


Get the most out of your office shed!

As life changes, your needs might too. An outdoor wooden shed provides the perfect solution. Its multifunctional design ensures that you’ll get years of use out of this long-term investment.

A wooden office shed can be transformed into any other room by changing out the interior. Whether you’re looking for weekend relaxation or a private workspace. From a lounging area to a hobby room, a garden shed is a multifunctional addition to your Florida backyard. 

Don’t wait any longer and take your time back by investing into your own Florida backyard office shed. Get in touch with us HERE!

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