Fantastic Ways to Use Your Garden Shed

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A garden shed is one of the most flexible buildings you can have on your property. And because it provides extra space and can be used for a variety of things, a lot of people have chosen to build one on their property.

A garden house is constructed mostly to get extra space to store things. If you can’t find space for your garden tools, leaving them lying around just anywhere could cause serious accidents.

With a garden shed, you get to keep sharp instruments and equipment away from your kids. In addition, it can also serve as a great storage place! Keeping things that are precious to you safe. So things such as children’s cribs, books, clothes, toys, family pictures, and more.

There are also times you may want to be alone by yourself. You can take solace in your garden shed – it gives you all the privacy you need.

If your main house feels cramped, all you might need is a garden house. For example, if your kids don’t have the freedom to run freely inside, a Nordic shed can serve as a wonderful alternative. 

You probably already have ideas on how to put your garden sheds to good use, this article is also going to help you see more fantastic ways you could put your garden house to use.

Without delay, let’s begin!

Sheds Provide Great Garden Storage

A shed is the best place to store your garden tools. Safety first, as they say. With a Nordic shed, you will make sure your tools and equipment are far from the reach of your children and kept away from moisture or anything else which can ruin them. 

With a shed, you will be sure your garden tools, like your hand trowel, garden rakes, garden fork, lawnmower, watering can, and so on, are safe and secure.

Keeping the garden tools in the shed keeps them from just lying around in the rain and sun, which could damage the tools. With your tools in the shed, you are sure to know where to pick them from for use.

If you don’t garden much, you could use your garden shed storage to store things that are not meant to be in the house. Materials such as petrol or diesel, herbicides, batteries, paint, rope, and a lot more.

Perhaps you are a collector of fine things, you get extra space to keep your unique collections. If you were the “antique” type, you could keep your vintage furniture and art in your shed.

However, if you plan to use your storage mainly for storage, please ensure the construction materials are of high quality. The shed will likely wear out in a few months if the construction materials are not strong enough.

Workshop Sheds

Do you have a project you have been working on at home but can’t seem to get enough space and time to work on it? A workshop shed is what you need!

A workshop would create space to work on projects and come up with new ideas. Experience has shown that people are more productive when they have enough space to work. If you don’t have a shed for your personal projects yet, why not consider getting one?

Furthermore, a workshop shed offers you the needed privacy to focus on the project and work at hand, allowing you to enjoy your work more. Remember to add a couple of pieces of furniture if there’s a need for you to rest after work.

Additionally, it helps you organize your tools and equipment in one place, and out of reach of your children. So this reduces the risk of someone picking them up and you losing them.

A Shed as a Garden Office

Over the years, technology has advanced so much that a lot of people now get to work remotely.

Working from home is fun and nice but only when you get your own space, and the needed privacy to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

A garden office is a perfect solution, it provides you with a personal workspace free of distractions. However, a garden office doesn’t have to be dull; you could make the surroundings fit your style and needs with bright colors, nice artwork, a steady power supply, and nice furniture.

You could also design and decorate your garden office to meet your taste. If permitted in your locality, your shed could even be made into a standard office where you could hold meetings or even hire staff.

So before thinking of converting your Nordic shed into a garden office, find out if you will need planning permission. 

A Shed as a Home Gym

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized. It helps improve fitness and leaves us energetic. So most of the time, people go to the gym for such activities. Going to the gym is nice, but having a home gym is even better.

Using your shed as a home gym is cost-effective. For example, driving to the gym can add up with cost and sometimes the gym is fully packed. With a home gym, you can also save up on your gym membership fee.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home with a home gym and don’t have to rush out of the house and wait in traffic to get there, helping you keep to your day-to-day schedule. 

Your home gym design could also be flexible; if your budget does not allow you to get all the equipment, you could get the basics.

It’s often great to start small and get a mat, a skipping rope, a workout mirror, a tummy trimmer, and so on. To ensure consistency, download a workout app on your phone.

Your Own Shed-Based Art Studio

An art studio is a place where art is made, displayed and appreciated. A garden shed can be designed for your art studio. It can feature windows, and glazed doors to allow proper lighting of the studio.

A studio needs to provide you with inspiration, getting the things above is important to get the best out of you and make you more productive. An environment where you feel good helps with creativity.

A shed provides a beautiful garden view to help you relax and get you inspired for your next project. 

More importantly, your art studio could also feature shelves to display your art work and keep your paints, brushes, and other tools. Displaying your art would make visitors appreciate your quality of work.

If you’re using your shed as an art studio, it might be better to not give your kids access to the place. Keeping little ones away from toxic paints and making sure your art won’t get ruined play a role.

A garden shed is one of the most flexible buildings you can have on your property. And because it provides extra space… Continue reading Fantastic Ways to Use Your Garden Shed

Convert Your Shed into a Library

Someone once told me that “books are lifelong friends” and this is true because the importance of books cannot be overemphasized. Books help us learn about past events, explore new facts, relieve stress, and sharpen our memories.

A library garden shed is a perfect space to enjoy time with these lifelong friends (books). Learning is also a lifelong endeavour, there is always something to learn about. A garden house provides a nice space to focus on your mind and store those books for future use.

Having a library is of utmost importance because it is like having a gateway to knowledge about a wide variety of things.

A garden house can be designed into a very nice library to keep your collection of books and other study materials. You could feature some shelves, books, comfortable chairs and tables, table lamps, and more.

A garden shed provides you with just the needed privacy to research, study, listen, enjoy, and get lost in your favorite books in a nice and cool environment. 

Furthermore, with a garden shed, your books are secured, and you have easy access to your collection of books.

A Shed as a Home Cinema

Everyone loves going to the cinema. It is a place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends; it could even be a perfect date experience.

A home cinema is another fantastic use of a garden shed. It helps recreate a theatre or cinema experience from the comfort of your home.

But even better, it allows you to have access to quality content, unlike cinemas you have no control. At a home cinema, you can pause to take a toilet break, or a break to refill your popcorn and drinks.

On the other hand, you can go backward to catch up with a scene or even fast-forward an unpleasant scene. In a nutshell, you have all the control.

A cinema might be expensive to set up, but it’s worth it. A cinema adds beauty to your home and makes life more fun and enjoyable for you and your family. In addition, it increases the resale value of your garden shed.

There you have them – some of the many ways you can use your new garden shed as. Based on what you expect and need your garden shed used as you can pick the one that fits all the requirements best. Let your creativity take the lead in the interior design process, no matter the purpose of the garden shed.

If you need help deciding and making a steady plan, our team can help you out. We will guide you through the whole process, so you will have your dream garden shed ready to be used for what you need, be it workshop, garden office or an art studio!

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